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A technology-driven company committed to constantly innovate & provide technologically-advanced yet highly-effective solutions for workplaces.
Solutions that cater to the 3P’s in a workplace – Privacy, Pathogen, Productivity.

Our Products

Electric Frost Film

EFF’s are optical films thus providing razor-sharp HD quality images on them, in addition to increasing the Gain of the projected image! thus providing the onlooker with a superior viewing experience.

Auto Tint Film

Why permanently shade windows at your workplace when you can have a choice to flip-flop the shades on your windows to automatically meter-in the natural sunlight into your office spaces!

Real-Time Workplace Sanitizing Solutions

It is time, we emphasize on Biosecurity in Organizations and build “Pandemic Ready” workplaces as a Standard.

So when the next time we encounter a pandemic, the workplace areas can keep infections under check.

To be updated

to be updated

Why choose us?

Advantages of ASPL

  • Only Indian Electric Frost Film Solution Providers with a 80,000 sq ft facility at Japanese Tech park , Sira.
  • In India since 2010 , the first in the country to introduce Electric Frost Film Solutions as a disruptive technology in the then Privacy Glass market.
  • Since we are the manufacturers we can provide a detailed MSDS document which would be of prime importance in a LEED certified Project.
  • Only Product to be completely safe as per WORKPLACE ELECTRICAL SAFETY HAZARD standards , as it operates in mere 48 V only !
  • Only product to have Silver contacts embedded into the films for electrical connections for superior performance and product life , other use copper contacts.
  • Our Electric Frost Films are Anti Scratch & Anti-graffiti.
  • The only company to provide 5 years warranty for Electric Frost Films , all others provide 1 year warranty

Disadvantages of others

  • They are not a local product
  • Does not augment a MNC`s “Go Local” policy , especially after the recent face-offs that we had with our un-friendly neighbouring countries.
  • Absolutely no after sales support
  • Risk of project disruptions when the logistics between unfriendly nations are banned in tense situations ( one such event was witnessed during recent pandemic)
  • Not complaint with Workplace Electrical safety Hazard as they operate at 80/110 V
  • Very poor performance specs , very hazy when turned ON!
  • Long delivery lead times
  • Dirt cheap, due to diluted technical specs suiting a Commodity market application


• Automated solutions that are free of human intervention
• Guaranteed timely, unmissed & impeccable performance every time!
• Solutions that seamlessly integrate into your existing setup
• Zero workplace electrical hazard
• Sanitizing solutions substantiated by W.H.O & NASA reference documents
• Cost-effective yet state-of-the-art workplace solutions
• We have your back even post-warranty

Our Clientele

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