Upgrade your “pandemic-vulnerable workplace” to a “pandemic-ready workplace”

Are pandemics a one-off occurrence?

The fact that we were surprised by the spread of COVID-19 shows the false conceit of the 21st century, that we are invincible!. Ongoing pandemic foreshows an even darker future, for which we need to prepare. Although it appears that COVID-19 was more accidental than man-made, that may not be the case the next time! COVID-19 shows just how vulnerable we are and just how disruptive such an attack could be! In conventional warfare, only the armies were involved, but citizens led a normal life. But Bio-warfares inflicts the citizens, thus crippling the economy Bill Gates predicted in 2015 TED talk titled “The next outbreak? We’re not ready”: “If anything kills over 10 million people in the next decades, it’s most likely to be a highly infectious virus rather than a conventional war. ”We had pandemics in the past, like the Spanish Flu and smallpox, a pandemic is ongoing, and there is a high probability of it in future as well! It is time, we emphasise on Biosecurity in Organisations and build “Pandemic Ready” workplaces as a Standard. So when the next time we encounter a pandemic, the workplace areas can keep infections under check. Thus, it would isolate the economy from degradation and give impunity to the socioeconomic factors.

Are you worried to return to your workplace?

Is constant hand wash or sanitization enough and long-lasting?

COVID-19 pandemic has forced most workplaces to think about newer solutions to keep their employees & staff safe. The challenge is that we cannot see the virus. We cannot eliminate it with primitive methods. This calls for a technology which NASA uses. Solutions which eliminates all the viruses as per WHO regulations. Solutions which will make your workplace safe and secure for your employees.

Being a technology-driven company, we at Aplomb Techsolutions (ASPL) have devised a host of unique workplace sanitising solutions which seamlessly integrate with your existing workplace configuration, and thus enable the facilities team to have pathogen-free workplaces at all times.

Leveraging our past expertise in Defence Technology, wherein research in combating Biological & Chemical Warfare agents was existing even before the year 2000, we are proposing the following Workplace Sanitising Solutions in order to mitigate the two main vehicles of COVID-19 propagation, namely – Human touchpoints at workplaces, Enclosed room air circulations typically occurring in a workplace scenario

Why, Auto Sanitization systems?

Your workplace deserves Auto Sanitising (AS) solutions over conventional Chemical Sanitisation (CS)

Here’s why –

  • AS renders real-time sanitizing but CS is only a post mortem solution
  • AS can disinfect workplace surfaces at your “will” whereas CS is carried out a minimum 4 times a month (not sufficient enough)
  • AS can sanitize your workplace in the presence of employees but CS cannot
  • AS is a more targeted sanitizing exercise, addressing the source of touchpoints & droplets than CS
  • AS doesn’t degrade the sanitised surfaces but CS, which uses oxygen-rich reagents that degrade the susceptible furnishings in your workplaces’ interior fit-outs
  • AS neutralises good & bad pathogens within the sanitised workplace surface, however, CS destroys all pathogens (which isn’t favourable)
  • AS solutions integrate with your existing workplace making it pandemic-ready whereas CS do not
  • AS does not emanate any toxic fumes but CS allows chemicals settling in crevices of interior fittings & gradually causing health hazards

Our Solutions

Auto Sanitizing Overlays

The “spray and wipe” approach with disinfectants is the most common sanitizing exercise witnessed nowadays!

Real Time Air Disinfection

It’s so potent in annihilation of pathogens that it can provide a log 4 (99.99 %) reduction of Airborne pathogens in mere 30 seconds.

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