Workplace privacy whenever you need it! Upgrades your ordinary glass cubicles into Smart Glass cubicles.

Let's know more about EFF

  • Is your meeting privacy being disturbed?
  • Do you want to keep an eye on the happenings outside your glass cubicle?
  • Workplaces deserve a unique solution that can enable them to electronically switch between privacy & non-privacy modes to keep an eye on the happenings in the office premises all while working in your own glass cubicles.
  • ASPL’s state-of-the-art Electric Frost Film is one of the most trusted brands in electronic privacy solutions.
  • Additionally, switch between privacy/non-privacy modes in a jiffy. They are operational by remote & or smartphone app, assuring ZERO workplaces electrical hazard risk.


Low Voltage

Low voltage operation @ 48 V


They are projectable! (Rear projection only)

Zero Risk

Zero workplace electrical hazard risk


Retrofittable in existing corporate interiors

Anti Scratch

Anti-scratch & anti-graffiti coating

No Discoloration

No discoloration due to UV exposure

Vast Coverage

Can cover upto 1.5 m width glass without joints

Easy to Operate

Operable by 30-meter range RF remote &/or smartphone app


Warranty of 2 years


No AMC required - less associated running costs

Long Life

Silver contacts embedded for the longevity of electrical connections to the film


Superior clarity & reliability - specifically built for corporate interiors

Apart from their primary function mentioned above, i.e to upgrade existing glass panels to Smart glass partitions, the EFF also renders your glass Projectable! (rear projection only)

Disclaimer: The video doesn’t show our Project work but serves as an example only

Imagine the versatility of such a feature!
  • You can retrofit your Retail outlet  facade glass with EFF, which would enable them to function as media walls at night (OFF mode), but remain clear in the daytime (ON mode)
  • Imagine a large glass panel in an experience centre with EFF on it, you can surprise the visitors by quickly frosting a glass (EFF in OFF mode), which was in clear state (EFF in ON mode)  and start a video presentation on it (as in rear configuration the projector would be behind the glass unnoticed by the visitors!)
  • Even in boardrooms (if factored into its design), one of the glass partition walls may be designed to serve as a projection surface  on contrary to a typical pull-down projector screen, thus  augmenting the technological appeal of Boardroom space which are generally integrated with high-end technology solutions


EFF’s are optical films thus providing razor-sharp HD quality images on them, in addition to increasing the Gain of the projected image! thus providing the onlooker with a superior viewing experience

Significance of EFF's in a Pandemic Scenario

The Covid-19 Pandemic compels us to reduce intra-employee proximity at workstations OR better separate them with Glass partitions. It’s a known fact that open office spaces will encourage the propagation of Pathogens across workplace areas. A closed office workspace area design, without sacrificing the privacy & openness requirements would ensure the mitigation of infections in the workplace area without taking a toll on the employees’ Privacy requirement or on their working zeal! The good news is, Electric Frost Films (EFF) on glass partitions enables in achieving this above ref. workplace feature. EFF’s on your workplace partition designs would provide you with the collective features of both OPEN & CLOSED office systems!





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