Auto Sanitizing Overlays (ASO)

Let's know more about ASO

The “spray and wipe” approach with disinfectants is the most common #sanitizing exercise witnessed nowadays!. In most cases, surfaces are misted with the disinfectant product and then immediately wiped dry. The trouble is, laboratory testing of disinfectants “effectiveness” is done with a liberal Qty & min 10 min. contact time (usually) So, It is difficult to assess if disinfectants work in such short “real-life” contact periods. Dry heat sterilization of an article is one of the earliest forms of sterilization, still practiced by NASA to disinfect their spacecrafts ! # Did you Know? – 56°C kills the COVID19 virus at around 10000 units per 15 min .Source : W.H.O. The #ASO (Auto Sanitizing Overlays) developed by us easily retrofits on your existing chair/ sofa upholstery, as ASO`s too are as thin as the upholstery itself! The ASO quickly heats up to a temperature of 70 deg C, with a flick of a switch and within mere 10 mins kill all the pathogens that may be transferred onto the chair/ sofa upholstery (including the arm rest areas) due to the user’s body contact, thus providing a “Sanitize at Will” feature to your seating systems!. Proposed Applications: reception areas, chairs used in collaboration areas, over seats of car /buses.

COVID-19 infection propagation happens via 2 modes.

1. Human touchpoints &

2. Biological aerosols especially in a closed room air circulations

Workstation’s Tables and Chairs are the maximum recipients of human touchpoints, won’t you agree?

Therefore, presenting to you “Auto Sanitizing Overlays (ASO’s)”

  • Based on the concept “Dry heat Microbial Disinfection” employed by NASA to disinfect their space crafts post & pre-space missions
  • Easily installable on tables and chairs (for workstations, meeting tables, reception tables, cafeteria etc.)
  • Completely eliminates Human intervention in sanitizing of the work station, thus negates room for errors or inefficiencies in sanitization exercises, which might prove fatal
  • Seamlessly integrates with the existing workstation tables and chair with minimal/no need for modifications
  • In case one needs to change the workstation tables/chairs, the existing ASO can be reused over the new table/chair surfaces
  • Designed to last long i.e. in excess of 10+ years, therefore, catering not only the sanitization needs of the ongoing pandemic but also during any future biological threats
  • ASO’s, once Powered on, quickly attain a surface temp of 70°C and within 10 minutes sanitizes the entire Body contact areas of the chair & table impeccably
  • ASO’s do not alter the ergonomics of the chair & table on which they are overlaid
  • ASO’s produce Heat in the Far infrared zone termed as “healthy heat”
  • ASO’s can be dry cleaned

ASO’s can be used with chairs and tables of Workstations, Meeting rooms, Reception, Cafeteria etc.


Thin Polymer substrate (2 mm)

Operable with DC Input or Batteries

Self Temperature regulation (no Thermostat needed)

Flexible & Washable

Heat, Vapor, Ageing, Ozone & UV resistant

Indestructible design (can be reused on multiple surfaces)

Uniform heating surface area with no hotspots

Healthy Heat in the FAR IR spectrum is generated


56°C kills the SARS coronavirus at around 10,000 units per 15 min (quick reduction).


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