Real Time Air Disinfection (RTAD)

Let's know more about RTAD

A high photon energy device which retrofits in your Large AHU units of workspaces and in the smallest AHU`s found in Cars, buses & trains, converting them into bio-secure spaces. It’s so potent in annihilation of pathogens that it can provide a log 4 (99.99 %) reduction of Airborne pathogens in mere 30 seconds. Works on exceptionally low power consumption of 7.5 W per module only! Kills even UV resistant Airborne pathogens, as RTAD is 40 times more potent than Germicidal UV!. The RTAD sanitizes the air, fed into your workspace/ passenger space in vehicles from the AHU, eradicating the AIRBORNE viruses like SARS, Influenza (type A, type B, H1N1), Hantavirus (a rare virus that can be transmitted from rodents to humans), and Airborne Bacteria’s which cause Tuberculosis, etc.
RTAD will enable you to enjoy an airconditioned car/bus ride just like pre-covid times!. Tested at Govt of India owned ,CSIR`s BSL3 (Bio-secure level 3) lab on “actual” Covid 19 virus strains (test report available).


40 Times More Powerful than Germicidal UVC

Low Power Consumption of just 7.5 W per RTAD Module

Tested at BSL3 Lab on Actual COVID 19 Virus Strains

Low Heat Signature ( Just 60°C at Module Surface)

120° Beam Angle

Provides 99.99 % Viral Load Reduction in 30 secs

Make in India Initiative

Instant On & Instant OFF function

Minimum 2 years Useful Life, (Optional–4 Years)

Compact Form Factor


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